Be Where How? is a content stream covering
mindful, metaphysical and nondual
concepts, books, and teachers

Mystic philosophy made practical.

Integrate philosophy and spirituality in your daily life.

Improve your relationships with friends & family, be harmonious in your work, and know your own value.

We have combed through a wide variety of philosophies, psychological systems, scriptural texts, and esoteric spiritual sources for nearly twenty years. While there are plenty of differences on the surface, what they all tell us is there is more to it all. Modern culture leaves so many feeling empty, distracting us from seeking an incredibly fuller reality underneath. 

Let us help you get a glimpse of it.

716px-Flammarion_Colored copy

The Flammarion Engraving (1888) colorized

We’re also self-aware. 

We’re not gurus. We have plenty of flaws. 

While other websites, newsletters, brands, and books on these topics claim to be The All in All, we know we’re just pointing at the truth. We don’t have it exclusively. The spiritual teaching community is packed with “phony holies”. We’re straightforward about our phony-ness.

Ultimately this project got started because people are in despair. 

Old folks are getting lonely and dying. 

Millennials are overwhelmed with work-life balance and the search for meaning. 

Gen Z is dealing with social ostracization and record suicide rates. 

Babies don’t know what the hell is going on.

Well we don’t have all the answers but we can point you to investigate and understand this variety of thought systems more fully. 

From Plato to Buddhism to Sri Ramana Maharshi, to transcendental psychology to Taoism to A Course in Miracles, there are many incredibly useful methods for finding our own truth. 

We only know because we’ve made our own incremental increases in inner peace and outer joy.

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May all beings (including you) 

find our own truth.