Be Where How? is a content stream covering
mindful, metaphysical and nondual
concepts, books, and teachers

Our email stream consists of

  • intros & refreshers on a variety of concepts across many spiritual systems
  • profiles of saints who remind us of our similar trials and tribulations
  • practical insights for applying spiritual principles in our day-to-day


This is not ‘Get Enlightened in 30 Days’. This is information that has helped us make incremental increases in our well-being.

We’re still crazy. Just… less crazy… than before this info and these practices.

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What you can expect...

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Our emails will always be free.

Sharing what you love is a joy in itself.

How do we make a living? We all have jobs.

Otherwise there are books, products, shirts, and courses that we are fans of—whose purchases get back to us in a small way—all of which will be referenced in the midst of what we hope you’ll find as valuable information.

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If you are irritated by every rub, 

how will your mirror be polished?