Be Where How? is a content stream covering
mindful, metaphysical and nondual
concepts, books, and teachers

The mystics say the truth cannot be spoken.

But we'll try to talk about it anyway.

Be Where How? is a small collective of content curators. 

We write, make films, record music, design art and now, discuss. Our backgrounds are all creative and our interests all overlap in mystic philosophy.

Mysticism is not “magic” — it means an internal search for hidden truths, a remembering of reality, an undoing of the false to make way for the True.


Bob Peck is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, lawnmower, mystic, and tech professional in Austin, Texas. He has made ‘conscious media’ documentaries since obtaining bachelor’s degrees in film and comparative religion from the University of Texas in 2011. From yoga to prison reform to the Muslim-American experience, his latest film “Solidarity” covers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Bob’s day job is agency marketing at Facebook Inc, where he is a co-lead of Mindfulness@.

I’ve stumbled into an appreciation for all faiths. This appreciation has led to exploration into several ideologies in the spiritual buffet line. My mentors include Vedic teachers disseminating lofty precepts, Abrahamic mystics on the path of the heart, indigenous shamans traversing the unknown, and psychologists unraveling our conscious & subconscious mind. I’ve read the masters for too damn long now to not share some words, and some absurdly-helpful obstacles, of my own. Also my wife just made a tiny Bob.


Scott Standley is a musician, screenwriter, app developer, art critic and sound editor in Chicago, Illinois. His earliest creative pursuit was and is making music as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter, but he has continued to expand into other mediums. A bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and writing from the University of Texas in 2009 started Scott’s path as a writer which lead to works in music, fiction, articles and other media.

I grew up in Austin attending Southern Baptist churches. Both parents are scientists who rejected their parents’ strict religious interpretations, so I was lucky to have that diversity and freedom of thought. I went down the rabbit hole in high school after learning about Gnostic Christianity. Since then, my spiritual appetite has expanded through many philosophy and religious studies courses and the odd, cherished discussion on a porch. Lately, I strangely find myself taking spiritual and cosmological cues from writers like Philip K. Dick and Arthur C. Clarke.


Ryan Padgett is a new media artist and designer based in Austin, TX, spending most of his time making interactive audiovisual art. It’s often with lots of projectors and pretty lights and big immersive environments and makes you feel dreamy and ethereal and full of love. His work is heavily inspired by mysticism, psychedelia, and the human spirit, and often aims to capture the feeling of love in its many various forms. He holds a BFA in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics from the Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago. 

My spiritual journey began in 2011 with a copy of “Be Here Now” and initiation into Kriya Yoga. Since then my practice has moved in many ways, following my heart wherever it takes me. The topics I study most include fear and vulnerability, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and non-duality. My daily practice is anchored in gratitude, humility, and finding inner peace through trusting and surrendering to the infinite love and intelligence of the Universe. 


Melena Kiriaki is a tech professional, art director, and meditation teacher in Austin, Texas. Her bachelor’s in advertising from the University of Texas in 2018 propelled her into an early successful career in Big Tech. Her personal meditation practice blossomed into co-leadership within Facebook’s Mindfulness@ club—becoming both a certified meditation teacher and yoga instructor. She is currently building a curriculum for teaching kids mindfulness & meditation.

Chronic Anxiety & OCD are no strangers to me, but in October 2016, everything changed when I was given Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now & was introduced to meditation and developing a consistent practice. This was pivotal for me and, quite frankly, changed every aspect of my life. This launched me down the rabbit hole of spiritual studies, mystic textbooks and collaborating with like-minded people. My spiritual journey began and there was no going back. I continue on this journey of self discovery and continuously learning how I can spread meditation to others. 



Ram Dass

Paramahansa Yogananda

St. Francis of Assisi


Jalaluddin Rumi

Lao Tzu

Chuang Tzu


Swami Vivekananda


St. Teresa of Avila

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Anandamayi Ma

Neem Karoli Baba

Mansur Al-Hallaj

Baruch Spinoza

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Henry David Thoreau

Walt Whitman

Immanuel Kant

Helena Blavatsky

Arthur Schopenhauer

Albert Schweitzer

Leo Tolstoy

Mohandas K. Gandhi

Martin Luther King Jr.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Carl Jung

James Baldwin

Evelyn Underhill

Swami Prabhavananda

Christopher Isherwood

Aldous Huxley

Joseph Campbell

Allen Ginsberg

Bob Marley

Edward W. Said

John Coltrane

Alan Watts

George Harrison

Pema Chodron

Terence McKenna

Baba Hariharananda

Sri Daya Mata

HH the Dalai Lama

Rev. Desmond Tutu

Rev. Jon Mundy

Saul Williams

Kenneth Wapnick

Ethan Walker III

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Eckhart Tolle

David Hoffmeister

Gary Renard

Byron Katie

Amma Sri Karunamayi

Krishna – Christ – Buddha

And the Divine Mother